Kiev, 1-B, Obolonsky Avenue,
"DreamTown" Shopping Mall,
Bldg 1, Floor 2

Working hours:
Mo-Fr 11.00 - 20.00
Sa,Su 11.00 - 20.00


"EKZOLAND"  —  a territory of wild nature in the center of Kyiv and the popular  tourist site!

A zoo of the new generation — "EKZOland" —  is open for public  since 1 June, 2011 in "DreamTown" – the largest Shopping Mall  of Ukraine's capital. 

"EKZOland" visitors immediately find themselves immersed in the atmosphere of a fantastic tropical landscape, which combines elements of nature of South-East Asia, Madagascar, Australia, Africa and South America. Despite it’s comparatively  small size EKZOLAND is the real zoo and the active member of UAZA (Ukranian Zoos & Aquariums Association).

Today "EKZOland" is the only location in Ukraine where you can both see and visit a pool with freshwater electric rays, a canyon with crocodile monitors which resemble tyrannosaurus; a forest of charming tame Ruffed lemurs , an exotic garden with talking parrots and marmosets monkeys, a lagoon with water dragon, a real waterfall and many.

In fact, demonstrated in two sections of  one  large  pavilion are the unique and spectacular species of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals in the conditions which simulate their habitats. And all these in an environment of blossoming orchids, baobab trees, and tangles of bananas and bamboo…
There 39 displays all together and you need at least one hour to enjoy your trip. Pls check the special activities for your kids on

"EKZOland"  — is a new generation zoo, where animals and people feel the same comfort.

"EKZOland"  —  is a richness of design and decoration,  of using panoramic and open displays, combined with a good choice of interesting live exhibits.

"EKZOland"  —  is a fascinating site for family recreation, tourists and by sure for   wild nature fanciers of any age.  



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